How do I share PodRoom App.
Go to more page, click on share PodRoom. 

 How do I claim my podcast. 
As a podcaster, make sure you have access to the same email you published your podcast with. 

Go to more page, click on claim my podcast , follow the prompts, check your email for verification code to successfully claim your podcast. We noticed that podcasters who published on specific platforms might have some trouble claiming their podcast so we provided some advanced help guidelines.


What if I claim my podcast and I dont get a Code

As a podcaster, make sure you have access to the email you published your podcast with before you request for a verification code. If after 5-10 mins you still do not get the code in the email (you published your podcast with,)

please email us directly for the code support@podroom.live

 How do I invite my friends into chatroom 
Invite your friends and family into the discussion by simply clicking on the invite icon on the right corner of the chatroom.

How often is my podcast data updated?

We update podcast data daily. When you add new podcasts or episodes, data will show up one day later.


Who are my listeners and Subscribers?

Listeners are unique listeners who started an episode in your catalog.

Followers are listeners who hit subscribe on your podcast on PodRoom. They automatically receive new episodes of your podcast.


Rules and Regulations in Chatroom.

We strongly advice all PodRoom users to be kind, friendly and make the Podroom a friendly environment.

Can’t find what you're looking for? 

Contact us at support@podroom.live