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Community-Based Podcasting: How PodRoom is Bridging the Gap between Hosts & Listeners

We saw something truly inspiring recently in one of our PodRooms. It brought home to us just how important it is to have a community – online or otherwise – for support. The interaction reminded us that the vision we had for PodRoom is alive and well, and we are making a difference in not just the business of podcasting but also the lives of listeners. You know that PodRoom is a community based social network podcast app So, we offer podcasters a choice of Podcast chatrooms where their listeners can interact with them and other listeners on each episode. Well, one young person was searching for help via a podcast chatroom for a friend for something a lot of us struggle with daily – depression. They found a depression podcast, and while listening, reached out in the chatroom seeking guidance. They were directed on how best to approach the situation and what to do next. And while we know that not all advise is good advice, a tightknit community can help offer support and guidance, and lead you to a reliable source. Many of us don’t want to rely on Google search results. Firstly, the information it provides can be overwhelming. And you’re not sure what to take from the information you get. So, it’s much easier interacting with someone in a safe space and getting recommendations from a ‘real’ person. PodRoom is enabling community building Now we know that not all interactions will be this heavy. Some will be lighthearted and fun, which is good because laughter helps with the soul. But what it shows is the potential for podcast hosts and their listeners to build a strong rapport and lively community based around their podcast. PodRoom is bridging the gap between host and listener, and the community that forms around a podcast. Because as a host, your listeners are one of the major motivators for you to hit record on the next episode. And when you can see firsthand the difference your work makes. But your podcast community is also a way to build your show’s success. As humans, we are sociable by nature and have this need to belong. So, as your audience moves from just being another listener to feeling like they’re actually a part of something where they are valued, they are more likely to be active in your success. Because you are giving them something that they can appreciate. PodRoom helps you fast-track this process with an in-built community interaction feature. The better way to encourage listener engagement Now one of the top recommendations for growing your podcast community is by encouraging listener engagement. But only reviews for your podcast and leaving comments on your blog – if you have one – is not actual engagement. Neither you nor your listener will get the real-time interaction that can develop in a chatroom. The back and forth that shows real engagement builds a stronger community because, like our example above, your audience feels seen and heard. It’s also a great way for listener input and to get ideas for new content that they’ll enjoy. So, build out your PodRoom chatroom and start growing your community engagement the better way. Not only will your audience appreciate it, you’ll soon start reaping the rewards of lively, engaged, avid listeners ready to help you achieve your vision.

PodRoom; The Chatroom for The Podcast Community.

How Podcasters Can Build Their Podcast Community with PodRoom.

There are many posts out there about how to build a podcast community for better engagement and more downloads. But that’s not the type of podcast community building we’re talking about today. Instead, we’re going to show you how to build an interactive community within your podcast platform. Because having a host of listeners isn’t enough to grow your platform. And if you don’t want to be responsible for managing a Facebook group to increase engagement, then you shouldn’t have to. Plus, what if you want to move to a video podcast format without the hassle of managing a YouTube feed? Further, both platforms have their own issues. Facebook has known security and privacy concerns. And YouTube viewers have an attention span averaging 3 minutes – not the best place for someone to grow a podcast. So, neither of these social media platforms are designed to give you the type of community engagement you want. You want to interact with your listeners on each podcast episode. Maybe organize live listen parties so your global community can tune in and interact with each other in real-time without messages being lost in the Twitter and Facebook algorithms. If any of this sounds like what you’d like to be doing right now, then keep reading, because we are … Introducing PodRoom – The Podcasters’ Community Builder PodRoom is the social app for the podcast community. It’s where podcast hosts and content creators can interact with their subscribers and other listeners in a social way. · The video podcast app Having a video podcast can be a game-changer. It allows for more visual stimulation for your audience and can, in fact, lead to more subscribers and podcast downloads. With PodRoom, you don’t have to be on YouTube to be able to offer your podcast audience video podcasts. · The podcast community app Just like YouTubers have their notification squad who they try to interact with on publishing a video, you too can have your own little community. But in a much easier way. Set your publishing time, tell your followers that you’ll be responding to comments and questions in the first 30-40 minutes of uploading or schedule a specific date/time. And enjoy the rise in engagement with your global audience. Not only will it encourage your listeners to follow you, but you will also get more subscribers and downloads of your podcast. · The all you need podcast listening app There’s no need to create your own podcast app as some will recommend that you do. It’s time consuming and often not worth the investment. Plus, most podcast app developments do not allow video podcasting. However, with PodRoom, your listeners get access to both your video and audio content with even more features. With your podcast PodRoom, you can: · Host listen parties with your subscribers · Engage directly with your listeners · Watch your listeners responding to your episodes – in real-time · See what your listeners have been saying or asking after each episode · Get direct feedback and questions to give you more content creation ideas for future episodes · Monetize your podcast. When adverts run in video or in app, money goes to your bank icon inside the app. The more people that join your live rooms, the more you earn. Claim your PodRoom and grow your podcast community The community you can build and the social interaction you can promote within your PodRoom is all you need to expand even further and engage your global podcast community. It’s time to build an interactive community based around your podcast, one that’s truly yours and excited to be along with you for the journey. Claim your podcast PodRoom and start managing your room today. Your podcast community is here waiting on you to join them.

Community-Based Podcasting – How PodRoom is Changing the Way We Listen to Podcasts.

How often do you listen to a podcast episode and think – I wish I could talk to someone about this episode? So, you jump on your favorite social media app, maybe Twitter or Facebook, and make a post about something that fascinated you in the episode. Then crickets. You’ve put your thoughts out there into the internet-sphere and no response. No one to discuss a riveting tidbit or laugh about a joke your podcaster made. You know there are people out there who enjoy the same podcasts you do. After all, there are hundreds, thousands of downloads. But your favorite podcasters don’t have a Facebook Group, or a forum platform. Or, if they do, you don’t want to use your Facebook account to join such a large group because of obvious security reasons. So, you can’t interact with their community as easily as you would like. You’re left with enjoying the episode in isolation and hope someone eventually starts talking about the podcast so you can chime in too. But … what if you can meet the people who enjoy the same podcasts as you without having to search them out? Where you can discuss each episode LIVE and enjoy the listening experience together? Introducing PodRoom, the community-based podcast app PodRoom is the social media podcast app. It beautifully combines audio and video podcast content with the social interaction missing from other podcast platforms. Here, you can interact with other podcast listeners and the podcast host as well. The podcaster can respond directly to your comment or question and tag you. PodRoom is the new way to listen to your best-loved podcasts while interacting with a community that loves the same things you do. And if your podcaster does video podcasts, even better. You don’t have to go to YouTube to watch the video. You can do so right here in the podcaster’s PodRoom while chatting in real-time with their global podcast community. It’s the easier way to communicate and access information while listening or watching a podcast episode. You’ll get to meet persons from your podcasters’ communities across the world and establish a fun rapport discussing things you love. Get your questions answered too. The podcast chatroom is unique to each podcast so you can keep your faves separate and go back to each podcast’s comments and discussions as often as you like. We are social creatures – let’s make podcasting social Just like how we love to watch sports in the company of friends and family, we should be able to listen or watch podcast episodes with people who enjoy the same things we do. And even interact with them live while doing so – just like watching that epic movie or series together. So, it’s time to put social interaction into podcasting – and PodRoom does just that. If you want to get that real podcast community feel, then subscribe to your podcasts on PodRoom. Sign up to be among the first to access the app and start enjoying real-time interactions with your podcast hosts and their global community. And you can also invite your friends along to a listen party with the PodRoom podcast app and have even more fun.