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How Podcasters Can Build Their Podcast Community with PodRoom.

Updated: Oct 10

There are many posts out there about how to build a podcast community for better engagement and more downloads. But that’s not the type of podcast community building we’re talking about today. Instead, we’re going to show you how to build an interactive community within your podcast platform.

Because having a host of listeners isn’t enough to grow your platform. And if you don’t want to be responsible for managing a Facebook group to increase engagement, then you shouldn’t have to. Plus, what if you want to move to a video podcast format without the hassle of managing a YouTube feed?

Further, both platforms have their own issues. Facebook has known security and privacy concerns. And YouTube viewers have an attention span averaging 3 minutes – not the best place for someone to grow a podcast.

So, neither of these social media platforms are designed to give you the type of community engagement you want.

You want to interact with your listeners on each podcast episode. Maybe organize live listen parties so your global community can tune in and interact with each other in real-time without messages being lost in the Twitter and Facebook algorithms.

If any of this sounds like what you’d like to be doing right now, then keep reading, because we are …

Introducing PodRoom – The Podcasters’ Community Builder

PodRoom is the social app for the podcast community. It’s where podcast hosts and content creators can interact with their subscribers and other listeners in a social way.

· The video podcast app

Having a video podcast can be a game-changer. It allows for more visual stimulation for your audience and can, in fact, lead to more subscribers and podcast downloads. With PodRoom, you don’t have to be on YouTube to be able to offer your podcast audience video podcasts.

· The podcast community app

Just like YouTubers have their notification squad who they try to interact with on publishing a video, you too can have your own little community. But in a much easier way. Set your publishing time, tell your followers that you’ll be responding to comments and questions in the first 30-40 minutes of uploading or schedule a specific date/time. And enjoy the rise in engagement with your global audience.

Not only will it encourage your listeners to follow you, but you will also get more subscribers and downloads of your podcast.

· The all you need podcast listening app

There’s no need to create your own podcast app as some will recommend that you do. It’s time consuming and often not worth the investment. Plus, most podcast app developments do not allow video podcasting.

However, with PodRoom, your listeners get access to both your video and audio content with even more features.

With your podcast PodRoom, you can:

· Host listen parties with your subscribers

· Engage directly with your listeners

· Watch your listeners responding to your episodes – in real-time

· See what your listeners have been saying or asking after each episode

· Get direct feedback and questions to give you more content creation ideas for future episodes

· Monetize your podcast. When adverts run in video or in app, money goes to your bank icon inside the app. The more people that join your live rooms, the more you earn.

Claim your PodRoom and grow your podcast community

The community you can build and the social interaction you can promote within your PodRoom is all you need to expand even further and engage your global podcast community.

It’s time to build an interactive community based around your podcast, one that’s truly yours and excited to be along with you for the journey. Claim your podcast PodRoom and start managing your room today. Your podcast community is here waiting on you to join them.