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Community-Based Podcasting: How PodRoom is Bridging the Gap between Hosts & Listeners

We saw something truly inspiring recently in one of our PodRooms. It brought home to us just how important it is to have a community – online or otherwise – for support. 

The interaction reminded us that the vision we had for PodRoom is alive and well, and we are making a difference in not just the business of podcasting but also the lives of listeners.

You know that PodRoom is a community based social network podcast app So, we offer podcasters a choice of Podcast chatrooms where their listeners can interact with them and other listeners on each episode.

Well, one young person was searching for help via a podcast chatroom for a friend for something a lot of us struggle with daily – depression. They found a depression podcast, and while listening, reached out in the chatroom seeking guidance.

They were directed on how best to approach the situation and what to do next.

And while we know that not all advise is good advice, a tightknit community can help offer support and guidance, and lead you to a reliable source.

Many of us don’t want to rely on Google search results. Firstly, the information it provides can be overwhelming. And you’re not sure what to take from the information you get. So, it’s much easier interacting with someone in a safe space and getting recommendations from a ‘real’ person.

PodRoom is enabling community building

Now we know that not all interactions will be this heavy. Some will be lighthearted and fun, which is good because laughter helps with the soul.

But what it shows is the potential for podcast hosts and their listeners to build a strong rapport and lively community based around their podcast.

PodRoom is bridging the gap between host and listener, and the community that forms around a podcast.

Because as a host, your listeners are one of the major motivators for you to hit record on the next episode. And when you can see firsthand the difference your work makes.

But your podcast community is also a way to build your show’s success. As humans, we are sociable by nature and have this need to belong. So, as your audience moves from just being another listener to feeling like they’re actually a part of something where they are valued, they are more likely to be active in your success. Because you are giving them something that they can appreciate.

PodRoom helps you fast-track this process with an in-built community interaction feature.

The better way to encourage listener engagement

Now one of the top recommendations for growing your podcast community is by encouraging listener engagement. But only reviews for your podcast and leaving comments on your blog – if you have one – is not actual engagement.

Neither you nor your listener will get the real-time interaction that can develop in a chatroom. The back and forth that shows real engagement builds a stronger community because, like our example above, your audience feels seen and heard.

It’s also a great way for listener input and to get ideas for new content that they’ll enjoy.

So, build out your PodRoom chatroom and start growing your community engagement the better way. Not only will your audience appreciate it, you’ll soon start reaping the rewards of lively, engaged, avid listeners ready to help you achieve your vision.